Lifted Ventures

Jordan Dargue

Jordan is a senior executive and seasoned investment expert with a boundless passion for gender-smart investing, supporting diverse founders and businesses, and making investment accessible to all. Jordan's experience spans influential leadership in orchestrating multi-million equity-based investment rounds, cultivating award-winning angel investor networks and offering unwavering support to thousands of SMEs on their journey towards expansion and investment.

Deeply entrenched in market insights and strategic finesse, her portfolio of pioneering projects supports spin-outs and startups involved in creating innovative global technologies, aiding them in securing investment and navigating the path to market, including global markets. For growth-focused and scaling companies, Jordan's approach is grounded in collaborating with operational and revenue-generating organisations to enhance operational efficiency, leading to a rapid increase in EBITDA.

About the company

Lifted Ventures exists to increase the flow of early-stage capital to female founders and promote the significant business benefits of backing women whom research says generate twice as much revenue per pound invested, despite receiving half the capital. Lifted Ventures flywheel has an angel network at its core, alongside education, community and consultancy.

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