Ayan Ali

With a foundation in Business Management at the undergraduate level, Ayaan pursued further studies, delving into International Business, Finance, and Banking for postgraduate studies, and later, an MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Her career journey began within prominent financial institutions such as Barclays, gaining rich experience in the banking domain. During university, she was associated with Google, igniting her passion for technology. Over the past 12 years, she has steadily developed her expertise in software engineering. This diverse background, spanning finance, technology, and entrepreneurial studies, has profoundly shaped her professional trajectory, providing a robust understanding of the intricate intersections between business, finance, and technology.

Having started in Kenya and running operations from the US Ayaan decided to return to Manchester where she studied as an international student at Leeds & Essex to pioneer a Silicon Valley in the North. Since setting up the company 4 years ago, they have over 5,000 businesses to their platform across 63+ countries and deployed nearly 100 robots in 5 countries.


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